When we are first contacted the most common questions we are asked are about time and money.

How much does it cost to build a new custom home?

The cost to build a custom home will vary based on size of the home, complexity of the design and material selection.  Every home we build is custom and built entirely around you, the client.  Currently our cost to build a luxury custom home starts at about $300 per square foot including HST for the construction costs.  Land costs would be additional. 

The cost per square foot increases for:

Bungalows – larger footprint increases costs for basement, roof, excavation and foundation

Smaller homes – loss of the economies of scale of bigger homes a e.g. 2000 square foot home will cost more than half of a 4000 square foot home

Green features – cost more upfront but repay themselves with lower operating and maintenance fees

Technology – smart homes are more expensive but deliver value in terms of comfort and easy living

Luxury material and finishes – e.g. undermount sinks can range from $100’s to $1,000’s depending on your preferences and budget

How long does it take to build a new custom home?

The time line depends on the size of the home, complexity of the design, detailing required in the finishes and the requirements of the location: municipal, regional, conservation, etc. 

The time to build extends with:

Larger homes
More complex designs – requires more planning and time during construction
Detailed finishes – trim, painting, ornate railings, etc. all take more time to install
Meeting additional government requirements for property protection, grading and drainage may be required

An overview of the process and timeline is provided below for a 3,000 – 4,000 square foot home:

2 – 3 months Develop architectural plans                                             
1 – 2 months Pricing and Contract                                                        
6 months Variances if required                                                             
1 – 3 months Demolition, Services & Building Permits                          
2 months+ Conservation Halton or NEC Permits                                    
9 – 10 months Construction                                                                   
3 – 4 days Excavation                                                                      
2 weeks Foundation                                                                            
4 – 6 weeks Framing                                                                            
2 weeks Roofing                                                                                 
1 month Exterior Cladding                                                                   
2 – 3 weeks Rough-ins (plumbing, electrical, HVAC)                            
3 – 4 weeks Drywall                                                                               
1 – 2 weeks Flooring                                                                              
2 – 4 weeks Trim                                                                                    
2 – 3 weeks Painting                                                                              
1 week Cabinetry                                                                                 
1 – 2 weeks Finish plumbing, electrical, HVAC                                      
1 week Grading and sod                                                                      
2 – 3 days Cleaning                                                                             

 What’s included?

Your contract, architectural plans and Schedule A will detail everything that is included in the build.  Anything not itemized in the Schedule A may be considered extra.  Any changes requested after the contract is completed may be considered extra. 

Common items that may not be included:

Light fixtures
Draperies/window coverings
Additional costs related to soil conditions
Additional costs related to utilities e.g. the region may require sewer/water line upgrades or there may be costs to move hydro lines underground

Are you thinking of building a custom home in the Burlington/Oakville or surrounding community?  Give us a call at 905 335 8799 or email info@dalzottohomes.com to get your questions answered!