Strong Bones.  Beauty from the inside out.  While we typically think of these adages in connection to people they equally apply to building a custom home.  At Dalzotto Homes we believe what is in-between the walls to be one of the defining differences in the luxury homes we build; the details you don’t see make all the difference.  However, that doesn’t mean we don’t pay attention to “curb appeal” and home trends for exterior cladding.

Just like choosing the perfect outfit to express yourself, exterior cladding sets the style and tone for a home.  There are lots of options today, including brick, stone, wood siding, fiber cement, aluminum composite material and stucco.Brick with natural stone

Fired clay brick continues to advance with new colours, textures and shapes that inspire creative and lasting designs.  Brick provides enduring beauty with very low maintenance.

Reclaimed Brick

Above brick with natural stone.

Beside reclaimed brick.




Natural stone with brick soldier coursing and timber frame

Like brick stone is enduring, low maintenance, sustainable and provides natural beauty.  A variety of manmade and natural stones are available.  While natural stone is more limited in colour the crafted finish of chiseled stone well-laid is truly a work of art.  Natural stone with brick soldier course and timberframe.


Manmade stone comes in many colour and texture options and is easier to install.  It can create the perfect finish for a home. The picture shows manmade stone with timber frame.

Wood siding with manmade stone


Wood siding provides a strong connection to nature and has been popularized recently by the Craftsman and Modern style homes.  Today’s wood siding comes pre-painted in any colour desired with a long term warranty reducing maintenance requirements. 

Wood siding with manmade stone

Wood siding with manmade stone





Fiber cement finishes range from smooth to highly textured and may imitate wood, stone and brick.  Fiber cement can be custom coloured to perfect the design of your custom home.


Fiber cement panels with brick and man made stone.




Fiber cement siding with natural stone

Fiber Cement siding

Aluminum Composite Material

Aluminum composite material (ACM) or aluminum composite panel (ACP) has made its way into residential luxury homes and is frequently seen on Modern styles.  It is available in a variety of textures and colours.


Stucco with brick and manmade stone

Stucco provides a softer appearance and like wood siding can come in any colour desired and a variety of textures.  The picture shows stucco with manmade stone and brick.



Stucco with natural stone.



These materials can be used in combination to create interest, elegance and attractiveness to a home.  The diversity of each allows them to be used for a variety of architectural styles creating enduring appeal. Our current developments demonstrate the grace that may be achieved with the right combination of elements.

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