Project Management

  • We are passionate about building houses, on our land or yours in the Burlington, Oakville and surrounding communities
  • We provide comprehensive project management and co-ordination of all project activities for you the land owner
  • Our primary job is to ensure that each professional, trade, and vendor performs their responsibilities in a manner that serves your interest and vision
  • We act to ensure you achieve maximum value for each dollar expended and that the experience and end result is pleasurable and rewarding

Home construction projects typically require the services of a team of professional consultants and the work of construction sub-contractors and other vendors. Each member of the project team has responsibility only for its particular expertise. No architect, consultant, sub-contractor or vendor shares your comprehensive scope of interest, with the exception of your representative. This is the role provided by us, Dalzotto Homes.  

We apply our leadership skills to plan and direct the project team towards success.  Our proactive approach encourages designers, contractors and vendors to work together to achieve your vision and objectives for quality, cost and schedule.  By building positive working relationships among the project team members, we facilitate timely resolution of the problems and conflicts that are intrinsic to the design and construction process.   Dalzotto Homes provides personal, one-on-one project execution support coupled with hands-on practical assistance.

Project Management services include:

    • Pre-construction
      • Develop shared understanding of your vision, aesthetics, lifestyle and budgetary requirements
      • Work with the architect and you during design to review drawings and specifications, identify opportunities for cost savings, identify long lead items
      • Prepare budget estimates
      • Develop general overall project schedule
      • Develop management plan for communications and approvals
      • Assist with obtaining site plan, completing application for building permit, and obtaining building permit
    • Construction
      • Conduct trade selection or bidding process
      • Manage and monitor on-site construction activities to ensure quality and timeliness
      • Review and prepare payment recommendations for all invoices
      • Coordinate activities of trades
      • Arrange all building inspections and ensure all inspections are passed
    • Post-construction 
      • Comprehensive customer service program
      • Tarion Warranty Program

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