We are a family business specializing in custom built homes in the Burlington, Oakville and surrounding communities.  The cornerstone of our success is our ability to satisfy your discerning taste by providing exceptional quality and personal service.  We take personal pride in each and every home we build.  Our mission is to build homes with distinctive design and superior craftsmanship.  We do this by developing a trusting relationship with you and providing support every step of the way, as you see your dream home come true.

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Exceptional Quality

We incorporate old world quality and craftsmanship into every house we build.  We are meticulous and maintain an unwavering commitment to excellence and to the details which excellence demands.  Premium materials are used by our team of superior craftsmen throughout all stages of construction.  The principals of our company are on site to provide close supervision and ensure your vision is reflected in the work.  We limit the number of houses that we undertake at any one time.  This decision to limit quantities ensures an exceptional level of quality for those houses we do build and delivers personal service to you by enabling us to work directly with you.

“Yes almost a year and we love our new house.  Thanks once again for building us such a beautiful and excellent quality home!”  – Orchard Community, Burlington, ON

Personal Service

Building a custom home requires hundreds of decisions to be made by you.  Rather than being daunted by the enormity of the task, we make it easy for you by guiding you through every step of the process.  We are committed to making the buying, building, and after-sales service pleasurable experiences for you.  This is accomplished by developing a trusting relationship with you before the first shovel breaks ground and nurturing that relationship until well after you have moved in.

“We are so grateful for everything you both have done to make the building of this house such an enjoyable experience.  Thanks again.”  – South Oakville, ON

“I just wanted to say we really appreciate all of your efforts, it’s very pleasant working with you and Maurizio!” – River Run, Burlington, ON

“Going into this project we believed we knew all we needed to about building a house; how wrong we were! Thank you for taking the time to explain all the nuances and requirements to us and keeping us on track so that our timing worked out. We know it’s not easy training rookies!!” – South Burlington, ON

Distinctive Design

We build custom-designed, one-of-a kind houses.  Working with our designer, or your architect, you can optimize the design to meet your vision and lifestyle and focus on the aspects that are most important to you: interior design, exterior elevation, curb appeal, orientation and placement, floor plan, energy efficiency, carbon footprint … to name just a few.  The joy of having a home designed uniquely for you is truly a fulfilling experience.

“Thank-you for making us such a comfortable and beautiful new home.  Thank-you for all your hard work.  We love our house and we have you to thank for helping us create our dream home.”  – Orchard Community, Burlington, ON


Sante Dal Zotto, the company founder began his career more than fifty years ago in Italy, where as a young man, he became a master cabinetmaker.  In Canada, Sante began a partnership that constructed many homes in the Burlington area including: Spruce Avenue, Shoreacres Road, McNicholl Court, Swanson Court, Havendale Boulevard, and Barlow Crescent.  In 1987 Sante formed Dalzotto Homes as a family-based business with the vision to build homes of exceptional character with distinctive designs and superior craftsmanship while providing personal service and attention to his clients.  Since 1987, Dalzotto Homes has built in the Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington communities.  Sites include King Henry Court and West Oak Trails in Oakville; Taylor Estates near Rattray Marsh in Mississauga and River Run, Regina Avenue, Valleyhigh Avenue, and Pomona Avenue in Burlington; as well as a variety of private home developments.  Sante entrusted the vision and ongoing success of the company to his son, Maurizio.

“The other day we thanked your father for bringing up such a terrific son.  He taught you all the skills and more importantly he passed on his integrity and caring approach.” – South Oakville, ON

“As you already know the results of your hard work have met with unanimous accolades from our friends, neighbours, and general passerbys.  You have truly become a master builder.” – South Oakville, ON

Maurizio Dal Zotto is now the company President.  A licensed master carpenter with over 25 years experience, Maurizio has worked on every aspect of the building process: foundation/basements, framing, insulation, roofing, plumbing, electrical, plaster/drywall, wood trim, floors and paint.  Many years of first-hand building experience has provided Maurizio with the breadth of knowledge required to properly manage the sophistication and complexity of present day home building.  Maurizio is committed to overseeing every aspect of construction to ensure it is held to the highest standard. 

Tanis Dal Zotto is the company Secretary/Treasurer, Tanis has an honours business degree from Queen’s University and over 20 years experience in the financial services and home building industries.  Tanis’ areas of focus are marketing, finance, administration, and client service.


Dalzotto Homes is licensed with the Home Construction Regulatory Authority License B12230

Tarion home builderDalzotto Homes is registered with the Tarion Warranty Program. Builder Number 12230

Dalzotto Homes is a registered ENERGY STAR® Qualified Builder.
The ENERGY STAR® mark is administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada