To feel grounded and connected in your home there is nothing better than hardwood flooring under your feet.  This beautiful naturally sourced covering brings nature in.

Hardwood flooring is a highly desired flooring option that provides these benefits:

  • Durability:  hardwood floors can last decades
  • Sustainability: made from a naturally recurring resource and may be purchased from sustainable foresters
  • Easy to clean:  just vacuum or dry mop and a damp cloth to easily wipe up spills
  • Hygienic: made from organic material that is non-electromagnetic and doesn’t attract allergens or molds
  • Easy to repair and refresh: can sand and refinish small or large areas as needed or desired
  • Desirability: wood flooring raises the resale value of a home
  • Timelessness: always in style


Custom stained wide plank local elm hardwood flooring

While truly timeless hardwood flooring does evolve to meet current needs and design trends.  Here are some of the current trends now available:

  • Wide and mixed width planks increasing the sense of space and creating interest
  • Flooring is being laid increasingly in patterns from simple angles to vintage herring bone and chevron parquet designs.
  • Colour extremes are on trend.  Dark stains and cooler calming grey tones bring sophistication and elegance to a home.  Natural colours bring out the natural beauty and grains of a wood and brightens spaces.
  • Vintage and rustic finishes are trending.  Hand scraped, wire brushed, and beaten floors provide ageing and hide marks.
  • Low sheen or flat finishes are currently more popular than high gloss.
  • Hardwood floors that are sourced locally, sustainably, and/or reclaimed.

Today’s hardwood options easily fit into a myriad of design styles from classical to transitional to modern and rustic variations of each.

Finished on site oak flooring

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