Kitchens have reigned as the heart of the home for some time now and there is no expectation that this will change. The kitchen is the central gathering place to connect, nourish, and share.  Today’s home designs provide kitchens that are highly functional for storage, cooking, eating and are integrated into the rest of the home as part of the entertainment space.  Open concept design, continuous flooring, colour schemes, and technology integration all contribute to the entertainment dynamic.

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Cabinets, lighting, flooring, appliances and plumbing fixtures work in concert to create style, interest and function customized to each homeowner.  The textures and colours available provide opportunities to create great eye appeal and interest.

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Our current plans provide functional kitchen options for large dining islands as well as space for casual and formal dining that are connected to the living spaces.  Entertaining easily flows from one area to the next.  The kitchen as congregation space is perfect for nourishing the body, heart and soul.

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