A custom home is a dream for many and while the end result is incredibly fulfilling the process requires time, dedication, patience, vision and passion. 

custom home construction

Here are some considerations to help determine if building a custom home is right for you:

  • Time. Plan on spending at least a year, yes 12 months or more, on the project for visioning, planning, and building.
  • Knowledge. Do you have a strong understanding of your and your family’s needs.
  • Vision.  Do you have a well-defined vision of your future home.
  • Passion.  Are you passionate about your home?  Is this a project that you care about and prioritize?
  • Budget.  Is your budget aligned with your vision?  If there is a mismatch this can be a very frustrating experience.
  • Decision making.  Can you make and stick with your decisions based on your knowledge, vision, and budget?  Changes cost time and money.


The benefits of a custom home create great fulfillment; here are a few of them:

  •  Your way all the way.  Whatever makes sense for you and your family can be achieved and customized.
  • Budget flexibility.  You decide what areas and materials you are going to splurge/save on based on your preferences.
  • Low maintenance.  New homes require much less maintenance then older homes saving time and money.
  • Energy efficiency.  New homes are built to a higher energy efficiency standard then older homes resulting in lower operating costs and benefits to the environment.
  • One-of-a-kind.  Your home will be unique like you and suited to your tastes and choices.
  • Return on investment.  The value of a custom home is significantly higher and results in higher profits on resale.

If you desire these benefits and have the time, vision, patience and dedication then custom is likely a great fit for you.  Our two new home designs are starting points to the possibilities for custom home designs.  View and imagine the home of your dreams.  Contact Dalzotto Homes at 905 335 8799 or info@dalzottohomes.com to discuss building your new custom home in the Oakville, Burlington, or surrounding community.