Home design trends that are connected to societal themes are expected to endure for a period of time.

Theme: Time Hour Glass

Time is luxury.  Time is a limited resource.

Impact on home design:

  • Home automation makes a busy life easier.  Smart homes designed for the unique lifestyles of the homeowner are using the best features of today’s technology. Security, thermostat, lighting, entertainment and appliances all provide 24/7 connectivity.
  • Indoor and outdoor living converge by the use of oversized windows, sliding doors and French doors.  Outdoor living spaces include kitchens, fireplaces, water features, dining and multiple entertainment areas for large groups and intimate conversations.
  • Kitchens as the heart of the home provide entertaining and dining space as well as food storage and preparation areas: oversized islands, walk-in pantries, serveries, breakfast bars, prep sinks, bar/wine fridges.

Theme: Health barn-doors

Personal health and wellbeing.  Planet health.

Impact on home design:

  • Low impact design using sustainable, energy efficient products.
  • Use of repurposed or recycled products especially wood as used for flooring, mantles, hearths, doors, beams and cabinetry. 
  • Creation of ‘Me’ spaces for downtime, meditation and reflection such as no-tech libraries or sitting rooms, spa like bathrooms, home fitness studios.
  • Smaller homes.

Theme: Changing work patterns

Work from home flexibility.Home Office

Impact on home design:

  • Home office space.
  • Home automation to allow for connection to co-workers, colleagues and clients

Theme: Status

I am unique.  I am special.  I am an individual; not defined by the things I own but by the experiences I have.

Impact on home design:

  • Customization from the initial home design through to the selection of materials and finishes used.  Creating an experience and story for the homeowner.  This wood was once in an old barn….  We discovered this when we….We created this space specifically for our…

Our two new home designs incorporate these latest trends and may be altered to reflect your personal story. More details available at Current Developments  or contact Dalzotto Homes at 905 335 8799 or info@dalzottohomes.com to discuss building your new luxury custom home in Burlington, Oakville, or surrounding community.