“Color is a power which directly influences the soul:” Wassily Kandinsk​​y.  Selecting colours for your new custom home is an enjoyable and important task.  Colour sets the tone, mood and impression your home makes to you and others.












Colours affect moods in the following ways:

Warm colours: are colours with warm undertones, such as reds, oranges and yellows. Radiant and cozy, these colours appear to advance, making small rooms seem smaller and large rooms more intimate. For small rooms, consider pairing a warm colour with cool or neutral colours to avoid closing the space in.

Cool colours: are colours with cool undertones, like blues, purples and greens. Cool colours appear to retreat, so they make small rooms appear larger. These colours have a calming and soothing effect, and may also make a room seem colder, so it’s best to avoid using cool colours in rooms with very little natural light.

Neutral colours: such as white, grey and black can have warm or cool undertones, and bring balance to a space when used in combination with warm and cool colours. Overusing a neutral colour scheme can leave a room looking bland and boring.

Colour trends change over time and reflect various moods.  The colour trends for 2018 include:

PANTONE Ultra Violet (18-3838) a dramatic, energetic and creative colour that has connections to mysticism, spirituality, royalty, and artistry

Behr In the Moment (T18-15) a blue, green gray colour which is cool and tranquil with connections to nature and evokes a sense of sanctuary and relaxation.

Sico Cast Iron (6173-83) a grounding neutral black that pairs well with most other colours

Benjamin Moore Caliente AF-290 a rich radiant red that suggests confidence, strength, desire and vitality

Glidden Deep Onyx (00NN 07/000) a true neutral black creating simplicity, ease and authenticity

Valspar: Favorite Green (5011-4) an intense green with touch of blue that connects to nature and natural healing

The 2018 colours offer an array including  warm, cool and neutral to consider.  Enjoy selecting colours to create the mood and tone for your home; it is a personal and soulful decision after all!

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