Energy Star qualified new homes are about 30 percent more energy efficient than those built to minimum building code standards.  The increased efficiency of an Energy Star home translates into the following benefits:

  • reduced energy costs for homeowners
  • improved comfort
  • lower impact on the environment
  • higher resale value

 An EnerGuide rating shows a standard measure of your home’s energy performance. It shows you (and future owners) exactly how energy efficient your home is.  The rating is calculated based on standard operation assumptions so that you can compare the energy performance of one house against another.  The home’s energy efficiency level is rated on a scale of 0 to 100. A rating of 0 represents a home with major air leakage, no insulation and extremely high energy consumption.  A rating of 100 represents a house that is airtight, well insulated, sufficiently ventilated and requires no purchased energy on an annual basis.


Typical Energy Efficiency Ratings
Type of House Rating
New House build to building code standards 65-72
New house with some energy-efficiency improvements 73-79
Energy-efficient new house 80-90
House requiring little or no purchased energy 91-100

For a brand new house, a rating of 80 or higher is excellent.


Green building features for 209 Pine Cove Road:

  • Kolbe and Kolbe Heritage Series Energy Star qualified Windows
  • Carrier 58 MVB 100,000 BTU Energy Star qualified furnace
  • Carrier 24 APA5 3 ton Energy Star qualified air conditioner
  • Energy Star qualified Heat Recovery Ventilator
  • Energy Star qualified Drain Water Heat Recovery coil
  • Energy Star qualified CFL and LED lighting
  • Energy Star qualified Spark ignition gas fireplace
  • Energy Star qualified Power vent water heater
  • Energy Star qualified 2×6” @ 16” walls, R22 batt insulation
  • Energy Star qualified R12 full-height insulation in basement
  • Dual flush toilets
  • Cork tile
  • Low VOC paint and stains
  • Maximum 1.5 air changes per hour @ 50 Pa
  • Home to receive Energuide label*

Note: actual features may differ from those presented here

209 Pine Cove Front elevation  (2)