1. CUSTOM, PERSONALIZED, TAILORED: A custom built home is designed specifically for you, to meet your needs, lifestyle and preferences.  You can indulge your personal tastes and needs to a great advantage. 
  2. BUILDER: You choose your builder based on their reputation, track record, and interactions.
  3. LOCATION: You choose the location to meet your lifestyle needs. On the lake, in the country, near the city centre, or wherever or heart desires.
  4. QUALITY: You control and know the quality of the build including what is in the walls, the foundations and the ceilings.  You know precisely how your home was built and what went into it – everything you can see and everything you can’t see.
  5. DETAIL: Greater attention to detail elevates a custom home above standard construction. A custom home builder’s attention to detail ensures thoroughness and accuracy and makes an extremely complex process go smoothly from beginning to end.
  6. CRAFTSMANSHIP: Experience and expertise resulting in excellence for the creation of your home.
  7. FUNCTIONALITY: Your custom home is designed for you and your lifestyle increasing the functionality specific to you and your family. Your custom home is designed to maximize and take advantage of every inch to meet your needs.
  8. CHANGES: You have the ability to make minor adjustments along the way.  As your dream home becomes a reality you can nurture its development.
  9. FINANCIAL CONTROL: You pay for what you want and control where you spend your money. When you build a custom home you pay for the exact design, materials and finishes you want.  Nothing more and nothing less.  You can focus your resources on the areas that are most important to you.
  10. ENERGY EFFICIENCY: New homes are the most energy efficient resulting in lower operating costs for you.
  11. BUILDING CODES: Your home is up to date with the latest building codes based on the latest research, knowledge and best practices within the industry.
  12. TECHNOLOGY: The most current technology for HVAC, home automation, alarm, windows, and more increases the comfort and safety of your home.
  13. HEALTH: New construction options are healthier. Toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, fungicides and heavy metals can be completely avoided.
  14. GREEN: New home construction can reduce the overall impact on the environment through sustainable power, air quality, and renewable products.
  15. FINANCIAL APPRECIATION: The value of new homes appreciates faster than older homes over the first 5 years.
  16. CONNECTIVITY: When building a custom home you are completely involved in the process and the details. You develop a strong attachment to your home. Your builder devotes more time and has a personal connection with you and your home.
  17. WARRANTY: Tarion Warranty Coverage for seven years.
  18. NEWNESS: Everything is brand new resulting in less time and costs related to maintenance and repair.
  19. JUST FOR YOU: A used home was someone else’s dream, not yours. A new custom home is just for you and you can indulge in that new home feel and pride of ownership.
  20. SATISFACTION: All of the above combines and results in the highest levels of satisfaction when your custom home is complete.

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