What’s Under Your Feet?

To feel grounded and connected in your home there is nothing better than hardwood flooring under your feet.  This beautiful naturally sourced covering brings nature in.

Hardwood flooring is a highly desired flooring option that provides these benefits:

Enduring trends in home building

Home design trends that are connected to societal themes are expected to endure for a period of time.

Theme: Time Hour Glass

Time is luxury.  Time is a limited resource.

Impact on home design:

Is Custom Right for you?

A custom home is a dream for many and while the end result is incredibly fulfilling the process requires time, dedication, patience, vision and passion. 

custom home construction

Here are some considerations to help determine if building a custom home is right… Continue reading

What’s on the inside matters…

A beautiful home gets lots of attention but one that is also well built endures over time, is energy efficient, and these days environmentally friendly.  A well-constructed home can be difficult to detect because it is often what is… Continue reading

The Heart and Soul of the Home

Kitchens have reigned as the heart of the home for some time now and there is no expectation that this will change. The kitchen is the central gathering place to connect, nourish, and share.  Today’s home designs provide kitchens… Continue reading

Only skin deep?

Strong Bones.  Beauty from the inside out.  While we typically think of these adages in connection to people they equally apply to building a home.  At Dalzotto Homes we believe what is in-between the walls to… Continue reading

Outdoor Living

A deep breath of fresh air. The warmth of the sun on your skin. The rustling of leaves. The pitter patter of soft rain. Nature nurtures us and provides a sense of peace and relaxation. So it is not surprising… Continue reading

Character and Interest

There are many ways to add character and interest to a home; trim and molding being one of them.  They are designed to give basic walls, ceilings, entryways, and windows a finished look.  Trim and molding make powerful… Continue reading